About the Journal

The Journal of Clinical and Mental Health Counseling publishes twice a year. The language of the journal is either Turkish or English. Manuscripts, subjected to preliminary evaluation by the Editorial Board, are sent to at least two reviewers for peer-review by ensuring the blind review process. The final decision about manuscript is given by the Editorial Board, taking into account the opinion of the majority of reviewers. Manuscripts requested by the reviewers for correction are sent back to the author(s) for necessary changes. It is the responsibility of the author (s) to deliver the corrected text to the journal within the specified period. The revised manuscript is reviewed within one month by the reviewers who request changes, if necessary. The author (s) can object by providing evidence against the reviewers' comments. This objection is reviewed by the Editorial Board and when necessary, opinions of different referees are sought. The publication rights of the manuscripts sent to the journal for publication after their acceptance and any copyrights after publication belong to the Journal of Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. The manuscripts published in the journal can only be quoted by showing the original source. No fee is paid for the articles published in the journal. Manuscripts sent to the journal are not sent back, whether published or not. All responsibilities of the published manuscripts, including plagiarism and misinformation, belong to the author(s). The data of each published research must be kept by the researcher(s) for a period of 5 years. The data and analysis reports of the manuscript can be requested from the author(s) when required. The Journal of Clinical and Mental Health Counseling is a respecting journal to human rights. Authors should write manuscripts in accordance with the APA 7 criteria specified in the "APA's Publication Manual of The American Psychological Association", published by the American Psychological Association. The following terms must be fulfilled in order to examine the manuscript to be submitted to the Journal. If you plan to apply with an article to our journal, you can access the Journal Publishing Policy and Authors Guide via the About Journal link. Please do not forget to register before submitting it to the journal.